Hands on: Hands on: DJI Ronin-SC review

Early Verdict

The DJI Ronin-SC is cherish an old-school Hollywood crane that suits into one hand. Or no longer it’s a ways the gimbal for everyone who wants subtle, legitimate-attempting stabilized video from their mirrorless camera and doesn’t must raise spherical something cherish the Ronin-S that feels cherish overkill for this day’s compact camera. We absorb no longer played with it for terribly prolonged, nonetheless we will be attempting out the Ronin-SC in opposition to the Zhiyun Crane 2 to search spherical for which is extremely most practical to setup and affords the most stabilized video for the total YouTube vloggers and video creatives available.


  • Love the Ronin-S nonetheless smaller
  • Gentle stabilized monitoring photographs
  • 3-axis locks originate setup less complicated
  • Developed smartphone substances


  • Would possibly maybe well also unbiased no longer match the Peak Possess Opt plate
  • Laborious to position relief within the case

Put collectively your mirrorless camera for fluid, old-school Hollywood-crane-cherish monitoring photographs. The DJI Ronin-SC, officially announced this day, is designed to stabilize video of compact cameras replacing DSLRs and surging in reputation among video creatives.

We got to traipse hands-on with the Ronin-SC, and it reminded us of a shrimp version of its heavy-accountability DJI gimbal counterpart, the Ronin-S. The larger version remains a favored different for industrial-level production (cherish marriage ceremony videographers), whereas the unique SC version is a single-handed gimbal that’s smaller, lighter and may maybe maybe well no longer require you to traipse the the gymnasium to steal it for prolonged periods of time. In temporary, YouTube vloggers and video creatives will admire it.

DJI Ronin-SC impress and liberate date

  • DJI Ronin-SC liberate date is this day, July 17
  • $439 (about £354 / AU$626) for the irascible mannequin
  • $539 (about £434.62 / AU$768.88) for the ‘Combo’ equipment
  • Combo provides focal point wheel and motor, and Distant Delivery Halt (RSS) Splitter

DJI Ronin-SC is on hand to repeat this day and DJI says that, cherish a range of its products, it be priced competitively when put next to what’s available within the market. The irascible mannequin fees $439 (that’s about £354 / AU$626 utilizing route conversion rates).

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There is a Ronin-SC Pro Combo mannequin that fees $539 (about £435 / AU$769), which  provides the point of curiosity wheel along with the exterior focal point motor and the Distant Delivery Halt (RSS) Splitter – issues you in all probability desire within the occasion you is liable to be investing in quality video.

To compare, the essential smaller DJI Osmo Pocket fees $349 (£329, AU$599), even supposing that palm-sized gimbal comes with a built-in 4K camera. The quality of the Ronin-SC is going to be better – within the occasion you make investments in an acceptable mirrorless camera of your absorb.

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DJI Ronion-SC specs and weight

The Ronin-SC is 41% lighter than the Ronin-S, weighing handiest 2.4 lbs. (1.09kg). It makes employ of a mixture of magnesium, steel, aluminum and composite plastic, and, fortunately, it doesn’t feel cheap, per our hands-on time with it.

DJI has engineered its unique gimbal to make stronger a 4.4 lbs. (1.99kg), touting its “highly efficient excessive-grade motors.” The company said it’ll traipse into extra detail about which cameras make stronger the gimbal, given all of totally different camera configurations available. Weight can fluctuate attributable to lenses and batteries linked.

The Ronin-SC has a built-in battery that gives up to 11 hours of operation, per DJI, with USB-C onboard to with out difficulty recharge the gimbal from the irascible. That’s going to be extra than ample for extra folks, if it if truth be told lasts that prolonged. More tests to attain in an up up to now stout DJI Ronin-SC evaluate.

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  • Novel axis locks originate it less complicated to lock the pan, tilt and roll
  • Power Cell implies that you can function the Ronin-SC up to 82ft (25m) away
  • There is a if truth be told frigid 1:1 monitoring mode with your phone
  • ActiveTrack 3.0 makes employ of superior algorithms to observe matters
  • 360-level rolls, timelapse, motion lapse and panorama all return

DJI has additionally integrated solutions of users from its prior gimbal designs, making the Ronin-SC better than its legitimate-level counterparts in many solutions. To illustrate, it now has 3-axis locks on the pan, tilt and roll axis.

The locks makes it less complicated to balance the camera within the occasion you is liable to be setting issues up, score supreme single-axis or dual-axis monitoring photographs within the occasion you will want to isolate an axis or two, and mercurial steal and creep the gimbal with out the free camera flopping in every single save the save. Now and again you definately lawful don’t must atomize it down.

Moreover all-unique to the Ronin line thanks to the Ronin-SC is Power Cell and ActiveTrack 3.0. With Power Cell, we were ready to function the gimbal remotely from a phone – DJI says it’ll work at a max distance of 82ft (25m) thanks to a Bluetooth 5.0. That’s sizable for within the occasion you is liable to be out within the discipline by myself and must shoot a video.

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We even got to toy spherical with a 1:1 monitoring mode that allowed the gimbal to observe the motion of a phone. That’s if truth be told inserting ‘the Power’ into Power Cell. And, optimistic, that’s positively entering into our DJI Ronin-SC video evaluate.

ActiveTrack 3.0 tracks matters utilizing your phone’s camera (with an integrated phone holder mount that suits on high of a mirrorless camera within the hotshoe). DJI says that its algorithms employ deep studying and optimized calculations to observe human matters. It has been perfecting its ActiveTrack tech in drones cherish the DJI Mavic Air, and this appears to be like cherish extra of that technology in its gimbal line.

Returning modes of 360-level rolls (attain a barrel roll!), timelapse, motion lapse and panorama come up with the becoming unique system to construct sweeping vista represent and video photographs utilizing your unique mirrorless camera. I’ve toyed with the puny DJI Osmo Pocket and its awesome motion lapse capabilities for about a months now, nonetheless the Ronin-SC may maybe maybe well show to be next-level with the skill of a bigger sensor or a mirrorless camera.

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Early verdict

“I cherish the Ronin-S, nonetheless…” used to be most incessantly the thought I and every totally different video creator had when taking the larger gimbal for a streak. The Ronin-SC answers our desire for a extra compact, gentle-weight gimbal, one intended for mirrorless cameras. 

The Ronin-S has its blueprint – it be a tempting gimbal that helps enormous-and-heavy rigs, cherish the monster-sized Canon 1DX Mark II. But within the occasion you’d additionally unbiased absorb a essential extra compact mirrorless camera cherish the Canon EOS M50 or Canon EOS RP, you is liable to be carrying gear that’s bigger than it if truth be told must be. Your hands will hate you for owning a gimbal that helps up 22lbs (9.9kg) of weight. This version maxes out at a 4.4 lbs payload, that diagram vloggers and video creators in every single save the save will desire one.

Out of doors of our demo time with the Ronin-SC, we have not been ready to fully energy up the evaluate mannequin we bought simply because DJI is issuing a re-tooled Ronin app this day. Which diagram we were ready to unbox it, establish it collectively, leer the stable constructing of the gimbal and energy it up in an uninitialized relate. We will must relieve for the final tool to offer it a gorgeous check in opposition to its main competitor, the Zhiyun Crane 2 gimbal.

What is a hands on evaluate?

Hands on reports’ are a journalist’s first impressions of a fraction of equipment per spending a whereas with it. It would be lawful about a moments, or about a hours. The main part is we were ready to play with it ourselves and may maybe maybe well additionally come up with some sense of what it be must make employ of, even supposing it be handiest an embryonic leer. For additional files, investigate cross-check TechRadar’s Opinions Guarantee.

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