Here comes Big Boy: a children’s story

After spending 50 years on declare in a museum, the arena’s most attention-grabbing steam engine is in the end attending to stretch its wheels and blow the cobwebs out of its steam whistle for a scramble all the map in which via the Midwest. Huge Boy, as the locomotive is notion, is sparking pride in the full cities he visits. The Union Pacific Railroad restored the ancient practice engine to agree with fun the a hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad.

I if truth be told agree with a two-year-aged son, in account for you need to imagine I be taught comparatively a couple of books about trains. Most regularly the similar book about trains, over and yet any other time, till it in overall has scrambled my mind. Now I’ve been tasked with writing my agree with youth’s listing about trains, in honor of Union Pacific locomotive No. 4014, aka Huge Boy. So here it goes.

Here comes Huge Boy! Oh what fun!

Here comes Huge Boy for all people!

Hear the whistle? Gape the steam?

The biggest practice you’ve ever viewed.

Feel the rumble down the tracks.

Bought your camera? Bought your snacks?

He’s an aged engine with a brand recent coat of paint.

He’s constantly on time, he’s by no diagram dead.

Gape these wheels? That’s a 4-8-8-4.

Learning about wheel arrangements, and loads extra.

A instant safety reminder from the UP Steam Team.

Please undergo in mind to ALWAYS remain no longer decrease than 25 toes aid from the tracks. And NEVER…EVER substandard the tracks in front of a practice or at any space rather than a railroad crossing.

— UP Steam (@UP_Steam) July 11, 2019

Huge Boy is coming for a social gathering!

A hundred and fifty years since the Transcontinental’s completion.

A puff of smoke, a loud TOOT TOOT.

We’ll defend close some photos, it’ll be a hoot!

Steam engines love him aged to rule the land,

rolling inventory from prairies to sand.

Union Pacific No. 4014

Hop on up, let’s explore!

It aged to be coal that made this Huge Boy scamper.

It took 56,000 pounds, wouldn’t .

Now it’s oil that makes his fires burn,

his whistle blow, his wheels churn.

He’s 132 toes long, boy I wager!

That’s nearly as long as a passenger jet.

A million pounds, our boy is BIG!

Working straight on the tune, no zag or zig.

There aged to be 25 locomotives when you need to assume it

Now there’s honest eight, so you better scamper gaze it.

He’s been via Utah, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Next dwell Iowa on his Midwestern roaming.

He’ll be there in solar, or in snow, or in rain.

He’s the biggest boy of all, he’s comparatively a couple of practice.

Here comes Huge Boy! Oh what fun!

Here comes Huge Boy for all people!

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