The Samsung Galaxy Dongle

This, pals, is the Samsung Galaxy Dongle. The NSFW portray arrives courtesy of SamMobile. The story isn’t the portray itself, so mighty as what it represents. It’s the pause of an period. A final key flagship smartphone maker acknowledging the death of the three.5mm jack.

It’s been years in the making, finally. Apple took some fireplace for losing the technology, even if most others adopted swimsuit. Some clung to it, every stubbornly and as a badge of honor — a differentiator, even, in an period when these have become few and a long way between on excessive-pause flagships.

When Samsung’s Account for 10 arrives next week, it’s anticipated to leave the headphone jack in the wait on of. All this is in a position to perhaps deserve to demonstrate for it is the above USB-C adaptor, arriving alongside it, in box. Oh, and a pair of AKG-branded USB-earbuds. Samsung doesn’t salvage sufficient credit for the typical of its in-box earbuds, by the methodology, so shout out to those.

Anyway, the Samsung Galaxy Dongle is here, so you might well presumably also as well salvage mature to it. Possible the firm’s mid-tier handsets will proceed to enhance the headphone jack for a whereas aloof. In the extinguish, on the opposite hand, this is in general phased out there, as well, especially with Bluetooth earbuds persevering with to drop dramatically in value.

For now, it’s the dongle’s world. We’re all comely living in it.

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