Phase One’s latest camera drags 150 megapixels out of the studio and into the field

Half One is rising its vary of medium structure cameras with the brand new XT body that’s designed to be archaic out in the sphere. The new body pairs with Half One’s existing medium structure backs that offer both 100 or 150 megapixels of decision, and it utilizes a new vary of lenses with an electronically managed electromagnetic shutter plan. The XT plan is straight away on the market starting on the contemporary time and is priced at $56,990, including the 150-megapixel lend a hand and a lens.

The execrable of the brand new XT plan is the digicam body, which is mainly a frame that mounts the lens on the front and the digital lend a hand on the rear. Since the digital lend a hand is where the sensor, processing, and controls are, the XT body is awfully skinny and gentle-weight when compared to Half One’s XF line of the cameras. Apart from a address and shutter button, basically the most productive controls readily on the market on the body are dials to shift the lens horizontally and vertically. Half One says all of the plan is designed to be modular, so sides would possibly possibly well possibly furthermore even be upgraded over time as they’re developed.

Unlike the XF plan, the XT is fully handbook, and there would possibly possibly be not any autofocus plan. Half One developed a new carbon leaf shutter plan for the XT lenses, which would possibly possibly be constructed by Rodenstock, that’s electronically managed, so the digicam would possibly possibly well possibly furthermore even be remotely precipitated. The principle lenses readily on the market for the XT plan are a 23mm f/5.6, a 32mm f/4, and a 70mm f/5.6. The XT mount would possibly possibly well possibly furthermore also win older lenses which indulge in manually cocked shutters.

Half One says it designed this digicam for first price photographers who’re out in the sphere taking pictures panorama photos and are making an attempt to indulge in the identical level of image quality and decision that the corporate’s studio cameras present. It is not bask in the lower-decision, lower-label medium structure cameras from Fujifilm and even Hasselblad which would possibly possibly well possibly well be designed to cater to both enthusiasts and occasion photographers. As a substitute, it is miles a particular digicam constructed for professionals with particular wants, comparable to panorama and architectural pictures. The plan is mighty smaller and lighter than prior Half One cameras, and it will furthermore even be carried around in a backpack or with out anxiousness traveled with.

The Half One XT digicam with the IQ4 150-megapixel digital lend a hand.
Image: Half One

That explains why the fee of the plan is that of a successfully-outfitted BMW. Half One insists that its priority with its cameras is to present basically the most productive image quality that it is doubtless you’ll well possibly be ready to imagine, and its clients are professionals who’re fascinating to pay the fee that image quality requires.

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