The Fairphone 3 is just as modular and repairable as claimed

The Fairphone 3 is that rare system that’s designed to closing, to no longer be rapid replaced thru a relentless cycle of planned obsolescence. What the €450 phone lacks in specs is made up for in rate with a modular make that’s supposed to be repairable, in maintaining with the company. It’s a claim that used to be set to the take a look at with an iFixit teardown.

Unsurprisingly, essentially the most modern Fairphone scored a glorious 10 out of 10 for repairability, accurate because it did with the Fairphone 2 in 2016. Seriously, the iFixit teardown doesn’t as soon as point out the discover “adhesive.”

No glue in study.
Image: iFixit

IFixit says the unique enclosure is easy to begin with repairability assisted by an much extra modular make than outdated Fairphones. “Reassembling this phone won’t be much of a downside, and we’re very assured it’ll serene work,” says iFixit in the teardown, which could perchance perchance be the ideal reward doable from the handsome-to-repair poke.

Obtain sure to learn the iFixit teardown in paunchy if shiny industrial make and silicon carnage is your ingredient.


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