Watch Apple throw cake, and many other things, at the iPhone 11 Pro in its new ads

Apple has released two unique commercials for the iPhone 11 Knowledgeable, both of which list the cellular phone standing up to more abuse than anybody cellular phone will private to peaceable ever need to.

The first advert beneath focuses entirely on how tough the iPhone 11 Knowledgeable supposedly is against on day by day basis objects being flung at it in a excessive-amble wind tunnel. First, younger folk toys and meals objects pummel it (along side a total head of inexperienced leaf lettuce), none of which seem heavy enough to injury the cellular phone.

Things gain barely of more intense later in the advert, with ice cubes and hair brushes bouncing off of the iPhone 11 Knowledgeable — all, in fact, with out leaving a scratch. To high it off, a marriage cake comes crashing down onto the cellular phone, then a sprinkler washes it all off. Per chance it’s suitable me, but in that moment I private I’d be more haunted about my costly wedding cake than the impart of my iPhone.

The 2d advert makes a speciality of what the cellular phone’s three-lens digicam machine is capable of, with , lengthy-haired canine as the sector in a wind chamber.

This advert does a honest job of teaching viewers regarding the diversities between the iPhone 11 Knowledgeable’s various lenses (telephoto, usual, ultra-huge attitude). But primarily the most principal ingredient confirmed is Night time mode, and the outcomes in the advert scrutinize draw more impressive than the demo that Apple showed onstage at its hardware event earlier this week.

The iPhone 11 Knowledgeable is on hand to preorder now and can be in stores starting on September twentieth. We’re engaged on our review of it and the iPhone 11, so close tuned for these in the shut to future.


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