Hands on: Hands on: Samsung Galaxy Fold review

Early Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy Fold ushers in an thrilling sleek cell manufacture factor. It’ll just get its negatives, which for some will be a deal-breaker, however whereas you relish getting your palms on cutting-edge technology the Fold desires to be top of your listing.


  • Supremely cool manufacture factor
  • Mountainous showcase with HDR10+
  • Six cameras (sure, SIX!)


  • Big imprint
  • No headphone jack or microSD port
  • Noticeable crease in gargantuan hide

Exchange: We’ve gotten more palms-on time with the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and we’ll be adding to our early impressions of this smartphone of the lengthy scamper.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is by far the most delightful smartphone of 2019. It’s been an instantaneous head-turner as we have tested it out in public, and most of us don’t know or care about its 5-month lengthen due to reliability components.

That is the first valuable foldable smartphone, and it be officially on hand in the US this Friday, September 27, after having launched in the UK on September 18 and Korea on September 6. It’s launching worldwide, however it indubitably’s no longer for all and sundry, as it be peaceful extremely costly.

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What attain Galaxy Fold early adopters acquire for twice the cost of the sleek iPhone 11? The likelihood to bask in the manner forward for smartphones and pills, with a 2-in-1 possess that appropriate makes sense – if the bendable hide technology holds up.

Having a smartphone with a exiguous 4.6-plug hide we can simply grip on the skin and, at a 2d’s predict, unfurl valid into a 7.3-plug mini tablet with a separate hide on the internal is supremely cool, however it indubitably additionally feels purposeful in day to day expend.

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We were in a location to swiftly snap photographs and test our notifications in fold mode whereas strolling in a busy New York City, comfortably conserving a stable grip on a phone that we would reveal as thick in girth, yet slender in exact width. It’s very easy to fetch this thing compared to right this moment’s Max and Plus-sized smartphones.

The Galaxy Fold is the answer whereas you relish to get a in actual fact perfect hide with out being encumbered by a in actual fact perfect phone. When we sat down on the subway, we were in a location to expend the 7.3-plug hide to envision the photographs we took and answer to emails. It maximizes hide exact property, and felt built for productiveness as we passe the keyboard at some level of the gargantuan hide and plotted our next pass in an expanded Google plot.

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As we test out the durability and software program continuity between the two displays of Samsung’s first foldable phone, the soft magnetic click on of folding and unfolding it’s continuously drawing the honour of of us around us. It’s as if now we get the first iPhone. “What is that? Affirm me more about it!” Oh, we can.

We’ll continue to put up our findings here, and below you might want to perhaps well be taught more about the liberate date history, and our earlier pointers on the Fold.

Slice to the plod

What is it? Samsung’s first foldable phone

When is it out? September 27 in the US, out now in the UK

What’s going to it imprint? $1,980 / £1,800

Samsung Galaxy Fold liberate date and cost

The Samsung Galaxy Fold liberate date used to be September 6 in South Korea. Samsung had before the total lot supposed to originate the foldable phone on April 26 in the US and Can even 3 in the UK and Europe.

It’s now out in the UK (the set aside it used to be launched on September 18), moreover France, Germany and Singapore. The respectable Galaxy Fold US liberate date is Friday, September 27.

As far as we know the Samsung Galaxy Fold imprint is peaceful $1,980 / £1,800 (€2,000), which makes it one of many costliest smartphones you might want to perhaps well clutch, and slightly unparalleled suits the cost of the impending near near foldable Huawei Mate X. 

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will are available in 4G and 5G variants, with the latter packing a slightly smaller battery, however it indubitably’s for the time being no longer 100% particular which worldwide locations will acquire which variants, and what the price dissimilarity between the two models will be.

We attain know that the phone is uncommon to EE in the UK, and likewise you might want to perhaps well very well be solely be in a location to rob the 5G variant of the phone – in actuality, the phone will be advertised and sold because the Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G in the UK.

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Samsung believes the Galaxy Fold has the most intuitive manufacture factor for a foldable phone, with the hide folding in on itself to form security, unparalleled relish a notebook computer.

The firm indubitably hasn’t taken the bother of designing of its first foldable phone frivolously. That is a phone that’s been over 10 years in the making, and which has long gone via over 1,000 varied prototypes, moreover the further durability improvements.

The book-relish folding motion does feel relish a natural manner to birth the handset, and it be indubitably more straightforward to acquire to grips with than the Huawei Mate X – Huawei has taken the reverse possess come to Samsung, with the hide on the skin of its software program when it be folded.

Commence up the Galaxy Fold fully to existing the 7.3-plug showcase and the 20-part, dual-axis hinge locks into set aside of residing, stopping you from over-extending the showcase previous 180 levels.

Fold it reduction up and the phone snaps shut with a soft sound, providing you with self assurance that it’ll just no longer by likelihood unfurl itself for your find.

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Galaxy Fold specs

These are the specs of the up-to-the-minute Galaxy Fold model


Folded: 62.8 x 160.9 x 17.1mm

Unfolded: 117.9 x 160.9 x 7.6mm

OS: Android 9

Indispensable hide size: 7.3-plug

Resolution: QXGA+ (2152 x 1536)

Conceal hide size: 4.6-plug

Resolution: HD+ (1680 x 720)

CPU: Octa-core


Storage: 512GB

Battery (4G):  4,380mAh

Battery (5G):  4,235mAh

Conceal camera: 10MP

Front camera: 10MP + 8MP

Rear camera: 16MP + 12MP + 12MP

Samsung has spent a form of time working on the dual-axis hinge, and it offers the software program a tactile feel, with a cozy motion between its two states. It’s been designed to withstand larger than 200,000 folds and unfolds, which works out at 100 opens and shuts a day for five years – so it could well peaceful final.

It indubitably feels sturdy, and capable of surviving repeated folding and unfolding, and a nice contact is the manner the hinge disappears into the physique of every half of the phone when it be fully opened. 

The 2d model of the phone additionally comes with caps over the conclude of the hinge to construct particular mud would no longer acquire into the software program. It additionally feels more sturdy when opened out into its tablet manufacture as Samsung has laid metal within the software program to construct particular you don’t bend it too far.

When Samsung first published the software program, it had a hide protector on that used to be in difference to what you would acquire for your life like smartphone. Some testers eradicated that protector, and it prompted structural components with the phone.

Samsung has now integrated a slim rim around the skin of the internal showcase that blocks you from inserting off the hide protector and additionally helps preserve the software program nearer collectively when it be folded reduction into its thinnest manufacture.

Image 1 of 2

You will imagine the exiguous rim running around the perimeter of the software program

(Image credit rating: TechRadar)

Image 2 of 2

You will imagine the exiguous rim running around the perimeter of the software program

(Image credit rating: TechRadar)

It would no longer feel relish the most top price facet of the phone, however if it ensures of us don’t steal the hide protector it could well get done its job.

The fingerprint sensor is located on the just fringe of the decrease half of the software program when it be closed, falling well below thumb or finger, and so it remains in that set aside of residing when the phone is unfolded. The sensor additionally acts as a Bixby originate button when pressed, leaping you straight into Samsung’s gorgeous assistant.

Above the digit reader there are energy/lock and volume keys, additionally in easy-to-attain positions, whereas on the depraved of the Fold yow will find a USB-C port on one half of the bottom physique and a speaker on the replacement half. There is, on the replacement hand, no headphone jack.

There are two audio system – the 2d one is on the conclude fringe of the phone – providing stereo sound tuned by AKG and boasting Dolby Atmos toughen. These regarded filthy rich and loud in our making an are attempting out.

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As enjoyable and futuristic because the Galaxy Fold possess is, on the replacement hand, it be additionally unparalleled, corpulent and heavy. The Fold measures 62.9 x 160.9 x 17mm, making it double the thickness of most smartphones – that intention it be no longer essentially easy to lope into pockets, critically whereas you might want to perhaps well very well be keen on thin jeans.

It guidelines the scales at 269g (the up-to-the-minute Galaxy Fold has essentially elevated the burden to 276g), making it one of many heaviest devices on the market. For comparability, the Galaxy S10 Plus is 175g, the iPhone XS Max is 208g, and the Huawei Mate 20 Legitimate comes in at 189g.

At the starting set aside, Samsung said the Galaxy Fold would be on hand in House Silver, Cosmos Shaded, Martian Inexperienced and Astro Blue, however it indubitably appears the blue and inexperienced alternate strategies get been dropped, no longer no longer as much as for the preliminary rollout of the handset.

Within the hand the Gorilla Glass 6-lined Galaxy Fold feels solid, however it indubitably would no longer slightly get the same top price allure as its S10 siblings, which most recent a classier enact in the palm.

One other thing to imprint is that the Galaxy Fold is a in actual fact perfect fingerprint magnet – we were continuously wiping the handset down at some level of our palms-on time, and the gargantuan-reflective glass physique presentations up fingerprints clearly.

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(Image credit rating: TechRadar)

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Show hide

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has two displays, with the 4.6-plug HD+ Dapper AMOLED showcase on the front (when the software program is closed in ‘phone mode’) feeling a little exiguous by right this moment’s standards, when most phones get displays which can well very well be no longer no longer as much as 5 inches in size.

It’s made to feel smaller due to the excellent bezels above and below, paying homage to phones from around 10 years ago. It’s a trade-off that has to be made, because the tech has to suit someplace, and the excellent thing about its small size is that it could well also be simply passe one-handed.

The 4.6-plug front phone showcase.

(Image credit rating: TechRadar)

By manner of aesthetics, even though, it be removed from soft to the ogle. In a worldwide the set aside bezels are disappearing nearly totally, the predict here is a exact blast from the previous – and whereas you happen to take into narrative the asking imprint for the Samsung Galaxy Fold, some could well just argue that its look, no longer no longer as much as in ‘phone mode’, would no longer slightly match its top price imprint ticket.

The exiguous showcase is vivid and particular even though, with Samsung’s Dapper AMOLED panel providing loads of coloration. You will simply navigate Android, and it be in actual fact helpful for checking notifications, studying messages and controlling track playback.

The larger tablet showcase, which comes into play when the phone is opened, sides an advanced composite polymer layer that’s stuck to the physique with a foldable adhesive, allowing the showcase to bend. It’s additionally the thinnest showcase Samsung has ever made.

When the software program is opened you might want to perhaps well very well be greeted by a 7.3-plug QXGA+ (2152 x 1536, 362ppi) Dynamic AMOLED showcase that’s vivid, particular, crisp and vibrant. It additionally supports HDR10+, for an enhanced viewing experience with supported video.

In step with Samsung the hide boasts the arena’s supreme distinction ratio, and has excellent outside visibility – we solely bought palms-on with the Galaxy Fold indoors even though, so you might want to perhaps well get to lend a hand for our full review to search out out if it could well live as much as that latter instruct.

(Image credit rating: TechRadar)

Nonetheless, there could be one slightly valuable show hide imprint about this showcase: the crease.

Ought to you predict on the showcase at an perspective, there is a noticeable crease running down the total length of the hide in the center, the set aside it folds. It’s no longer something that would be remedied or hidden, and likewise you might want to have to be taught to live with it whereas you attain select to splash the money on the Galaxy Fold.

That said, the crease is unparalleled much less noticeable whereas you happen to could well very well be viewing the hide head-on (it be peaceful there, even though), and when we fired up Asphalt 8 for a like a flash bustle it disappeared from predict as we centered on the game (we got here first, naturally).

Samsung says the crease could well just no longer acquire more pronounced over the time, so these fearing that it’ll change into more noticeable over time desires with a map to rest easy – even though we’ll solely essentially know how it holds up a year or two down the line.

Interface and efficiency

There are a form of systems you might want to perhaps well expend the Samsung Galaxy Fold. When closed, the ‘phone mode’ offers one-handed operation for tasks comparable to calls and track playback. 

The 4.6-plug showcase operates relish that of a long-established smartphone, so apps and games work as you would demand, even though with an even bigger hide appropriate a like a flash unfold away, working on the smaller hide can feel small.

Commence the software program up into ‘tablet mode’, and the larger hide makes social media, messaging, web browsing, gaming and photo/video editing unparalleled more straightforward.

On every occasion you transition from one hide to the replacement, compatible apps will note your usage patterns for a seamless experience. For instance, whereas you originate Google Maps in ‘phone mode’, after which birth the Fold up, Google Maps will automatically be displayed on the excellent hide.

(Image credit rating: TechRadar)

Every app that comes pre-set aside in on the Galaxy Fold (including Google’s suite of apps, WhatsApp and Microsoft Space of business) supports continuity between displays, and it’ll be as much as other builders to construct their capabilities compatible. 

Samsung says it be easy so that you simply can add the obligatory efficiency, as it would no longer require builders to redesign existing apps – they appropriate get so that you simply can add further sides – however we’ll get to lend a hand and imagine how broadly it be adopted.

It’s additionally unclear how many apps will toughen the 4:3 facet ratio of the Galaxy Fold’s tablet mode showcase, as it be unparalleled squarer than the displays for the time being figured out on smartphones – there could be vulnerable to be slightly of a wait whereas core apps plot in toughen for this facet ratio.

(Image credit rating: TechRadar)

You will additionally expend two or three varied apps facet-by-facet on the gargantuan showcase in multi-active window mode. Commence up an app on the excellent hide, then scramble your finger in from the center of the just facet to birth up a panel of compatible multi-active window apps. Faucet one and it’ll gobble up half of the showcase, alongside the app that’s already birth.

Compose the same motion to raise up the app menu again, and faucet a Third resolution, and this app will then desire up a quarter of the showcase, below the 2d app which is additionally diminished in size to 25%.

You will then swap the positions of the apps by dragging and losing them, and likewise you might want to perhaps well adjust the width of the apps by dragging the central division line from facet to facet.

It all worked well at some level of our time with the Galaxy Fold, with apps opening and re-sizing promptly, and we can imagine the benefits that being in a location to get multiple apps birth on a gargantuan showcase will elevate.

Load up a sport – Asphalt 8 in our case – on the excellent hide and the Galaxy Fold will automatically rotate the app 90 levels, forcing you to flip the software program. There’s a artful clarification for this even though, as it offers better orientation for the stereo audio system for an improved audio experience.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has been optimized with the Team spirit Sport Engine, which intention games which scamper on that platform will construct superbly here.

There’s larger than sufficient energy below the hood, with the Galaxy Fold packing a 7nm octa-core processor and 12GB of RAM. It intention Android 9 – lined in Samsung’s One UI – runs simply below finger, with apps opening fleet.

You additionally acquire 512GB of storage within the Fold, providing loads of space for apps, games, motion photographs, track, photographs and more, and for loads of that will be larger than you will ever expend – for serious energy users, even though, it be price noting that the Galaxy Fold would no longer offer any expandable storage, so you might want to perhaps well very well be stuck with that 512GB, until you select to ship your files to the cloud.

Some versions of the Galaxy Fold will additionally come with 5G connectivity ready to roll, however the phone is additionally on hand in a 4G flavor in some worldwide locations.

Cameras and battery

(Image credit rating: TechRadar)

The Samsung Galaxy Fold comes with six cameras – sure, six. The valuable trio are figured out on the rear of the software program, with a 12MP valuable sensor (f/1.5-f/2.4, OIS) joined by a 12MP telephoto lens (f/2.4, OIS) and a 16MP extremely-huge perspective lens (f/2.2). 

That is precisely the same setup as yow will find on the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus, so efficiency desires to be excellent, even though we weren’t in a location to envision them out on the Galaxy Fold as it wasn’t running closing software program.

You acquire one, 10MP (f/2.2) camera on the front of the Galaxy Fold, above the 4.6-plug showcase, for the uncommon gratuitous selfie or arranged video convention, whereas opening up the software program displays two cameras in a notch which eats into the conclude-just of the showcase.

Within this notch a 10MP camera (with the same specs because the selfie camera) is joined by an 8MP (f/1.9) depth-sensing camera which offers the easy project for Samsung’s background blur Dwell Focal level mode.

The benefits of getting a gargantuan, 4:3 facet ratio showcase when it involves photography are particular. First up, you acquire a in actual fact perfect live preview, providing you with a particular indication of what your photo will predict relish sooner than you hit the shutter button.

Second, the 4:3 facet ratio suits the facet ratio of the cameras, and thus your closing photographs, which intention that what you imagine on-hide is precisely what’s going to showcase up for your camera roll, with the total hide passe and no gloomy bars filling in wasted space. 

Turning to the battery, and the Samsung Galaxy Fold breaks with tradition again as it packs two energy packs – one in every half.

The 2 batteries mix to form a complete capability of 4,380mAh, which Samsung instructed TechRadar should peaceful present “all-day energy”, even though that will be heavily dependent on how you utilize the handset.

Ought to you reveal most of your time the expend of the 7.3-plug tablet showcase we demand the battery will drain unparalleled quicker – however you might want to perhaps well get to lend a hand for our in-depth review to search out out appropriate how it fares.

The Galaxy Fold supports wi-fi charging, and it packs the same Wireless PowerShare map because the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus, allowing you to imprint other wi-fi-charging compatible devices on the rear. 

It even has a exiguous magnet by the charging coil to preserve devices – such because the Galaxy Buds – in set aside of residing, which should peaceful optimistically steer particular of them slipping off simply.

Within the field

The Samsung Galaxy Fold imprint is lofty, however it indubitably does no longer no longer as much as come packaged as a top price handset should peaceful. The sphere is constructed with eco-pleasant field cloth, and is emblazoned with Samsung’s embossed Fold graphics.

Commence it up and likewise you acquire the phone, charging block and cable, however there is more: Samsung is additionally bundling in a pair of Galaxy Buds wi-fi earphones (MSRP: $149 / £139 / AU$249), along with a slim, gentle-weight, yet sturdy case for the Galaxy Fold for slightly of added security.

Every Galaxy Fold purchaser will additionally acquire a year’s free insurance via Samsung Care Plus, which covers you against the likes of accidental and water damage. And at final, there is a year’s YouTube Top class subscription bundled in besides.

Early verdict

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is an thrilling entrant into the smartphone market, breaking the static rectangle mildew that we have change into accustomed too, and bringing us two displays, two batteries and six cameras.

Particular it be costly – however the first technology of any sleek technology is – whereas of us will show hide its size, weight, hide crease and bezels around the smaller showcase as detrimental sides; and for some, lots of of these is vulnerable to be deal-breakers.

Nonetheless, the Galaxy Fold is larger than a standalone handset. It, along with the Huawei Mate X, and others to come reduction, ushers in an thrilling sleek cell manufacture factor that can well just solely be sophisticated, improved and made more life like over the following few years – and likewise you might want to have this phone to thank for that.

It has had a indispensable setback, and that have to no longer be lost sight of. It’s as much as Samsung to procure consumer belief that the upgraded Galaxy Fold could well just no longer suffer the same components as early review samples did. Ought to you might want to perhaps well very well be alive to with picking up the Fold, you will desire to feel assured your unparalleled investment would no longer breakdown within weeks.

However, whereas you relish to get to be sooner than the curve – sorry fold – the Samsung Galaxy Fold can acquire you there, just now (nearly)… and that in itself is spectacular.

  • Xiaomi’s foldable phone looks excellent

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