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Early Verdict

The Echo Frames are an fascinating low-price deal with the trim spectacles, which place price by specializing in audio handiest. But it completely’s unclear if the will for Alexa interplay will persuade folks to pay for yet another trim application – in particular in the event that they already have glasses.


  • Neat system to raise Alexa on the streak
  • Most classy trim spectacles yet


  • Four cases the price of an Echo Dot
  • Restricted liberate

At Amazon’s September 2019 commence match, the company unveiled a original product – glasses with Alexa built-in, known as Echo Frames, for the audio assistant-savvy user on the streak.

These glasses frames are strongly paying homage to Google Glass and Snapchat Spectacles, but with out any abolish of AR overlay or camera. The Frames exist to perch Alexa above your ears for a less intrusive abilities than the accurate-launched Echo Buds. 

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They’re furthermore plenty less dorky than old trim spectacles, with excellent, incandescent shaded frames. There’s some telltale thickness to the glasses, in particular in the temples, that will tip off observers of their particular nature – but in your entire, the Echo Frames are mighty less embarrassing to don in public.

That on my own doubtlessly cooled trim eyewear increase for a whereas, however the varied is user predict of. Unlike Google or Snapchat’s efforts introducing in actuality original products, Amazon is nudging its very wide Alexa userbase and asking in the event that they want to take their squawk assistant on the highway – to manufacture notes, residence reminders or be alerted with out desiring to drag up their phone.

The Echo Frames are the well-known of Amazon’s original Day 1 Editions alongside with the Echo Loop – a abolish of early liberate program for specialty products that are technically ready to use, but no longer fully subtle into their final user-facing abolish. In short, Amazon wants feedback for its more experimental projects.

And the Frames are an experiment to have a study if it’s the accurate product to raise Alexa out of the apartment, which looks to be Amazon’s next enormous effort.

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Amazon Echo Frames label and liberate date

As Day 1 Model products, the Echo Frames won’t be broadly launched – they’ll originate with an invitation length for deal with consumers in the US and price $179. It’s unclear in the event that they’ll have a wider liberate or if the invitation length will lengthen previous the US, but we would question to hear from Amazon about any abolish of wider rollout after they hear motivate from their invited early adopters.

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Amazon Echo Frames originate

The Echo Frames are undeniably better-taking a leer than Google Glass or Snapchat Spectacles, and won’t notify early adopters as fervent Technorati. They handiest attain in one color: shaded eyewear-grade TR-90, carbon fiber and titanium, with “tortoise temple guidelines” that would furthermore furthermore be heated and adjusted by an optician. 

They’ll never be reasonably pretty mighty as good as gorgeous glasses frames, but they’re passable for many consumers – and every person looks valid in shaded. 

At 31g, they’re no longer too mighty heavier than neatly-liked glasses – in our short time making an attempt them out, we didn’t feel they’d weigh you down after a prolonged day of carrying them. Fortunately, the thick temples don’t procure in the system. 

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Alexa – how it’s want to use

Using Alexa in the Echo Frames is a lot like every over the residence else in Amazon’s squawk assistant ecosystem, but it’s probably you’ll furthermore’t activate it by the neatly-liked squawk instructions – there’s a button on the underside of the accurate temple that switches listening on.

After that, notify as usual, and requests are routed throughout the app on a linked smartphone. Basically the most though-provoking temple is touch-sensitive – you swipe alongside the facet (either forward or backward interchangeably) to respond to notifications, or faucet to ignore. 

There’s a bit of a extend as questions and faucets bustle to the cloud and motivate, but it’s to be expected – and, since Alexa depends on connection to the cloud, it’s probably you’ll furthermore’t use the Frames offline.

It wasn’t as exhausting to procure the Frames to hear our instructions as it on the entire is for an Echo speaker, as an illustration – the glasses’ two beamforming microphones picked up our queries valid elegant, even in a loud room. 

The four microspeakers (two per temple) have been likewise audible even amid the noise of a crowded demo room, even though anybody standing around it’s probably you’ll furthermore hear them, too – discrete, the Frames are no longer. Fortunately, there’s a volume rocker below the Alexa activation button to dial it down.

You would theoretically use the Frames any system it’s probably you’ll use one more Alexa-geared up product – like taking part in song, to illustrate – but mediate that the audio isn’t that non-public.

Amazon Echo Frames battery existence

Amazon claims the Echo Frames procure 14 hours per day of battery existence with intermittent use, which Amazon defines as a bundle of 40 Alexa interactions, Forty five minutes of song, some podcast and song playback, and 90 incoming notifications. 

It’s an unfamiliar deal with rep of narrate, but valid goes to heed how variable battery existence may most probably most probably furthermore most probably be for various users with varied use patterns – but suffice to claim that conserving audio at 60% with usual use may most probably most probably furthermore aloof final you throughout the day. Crank that narrate up with fixed playback and your battery existence will dwindle valid down to three hours. 

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Echo Frames compatibility

The Echo Frames motivate Android 8.0 or bigger, and sadly, there’s no iOS motivate valid yet. 

Fortunately, the Frames aren’t diminutive to valid Alexa, but it’s a bit more cumbersome to use an different – which, for now, may most probably most probably furthermore valid be Google Assistant. Long-faucet the outward facet of the accurate temple to activate them. 

Amazon Echo Frames early verdict

Whereas we’d never have expected a product just like the Echo Frames, in hindsight, they’re very mighty in Amazon’s wheelhouse. Its abilities in parsing voices amid background noise and minimizing parts for apartment and affordability fabricate the Frames as light and low-price as which that it’s probably you’ll furthermore judge of. 

That acknowledged, it’s unclear if consumers are entrenched ample in the Alexa standard of living to need hands-free entry on the streak – in particular in the event that they already have a pair of prescription glasses or don’t want to wear determined lenses. 

Presumably, that’s why Amazon launched an fully original class of product – Day 1 Model – to defray criticism may most probably most probably furthermore aloof the Frames or Echo Loop flop. For the time being, this would possibly most probably most probably furthermore furthermore be charming to have a study whether Amazon’s version of trim spectacles can succeed the place Google and Snapchat failed.

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