Watch Anduril’s Anvil take down an off-the-shelf drone in midflight

This week, news broke of Palmer Luckey’s novel battering-ram drone system, and at the unusual time, the company finally released footage of the drone in action. The novel footage shows Anduril’s system taking down each and each a mounted flee drone and an opposing quadcopter, which looks to be a knock-off of the DJI Phantom.

(There’s moderately heaps of early footage exhibiting off the detection system, however the takedown gets going all one of the crucial easiest ways by plot of the 1:15 mark.)

The drone (dubbed “Anvil”) is designed to come to a decision on out enemies from under, with the battery and motors optimized for transient, lickety-split flights. It’s also designed to come to a decision on the impact and live to negate the tale: the rotors are on the bottom, and the full flight-extreme formula are positioned as runt as most likely. So although a pair of of the more delicate gear is broken, the Anvil ought to serene be in a put to land in one part.

None of this could per chance per chance quit grand to reassure issues about Anduril’s border venture, which many seen as a nightmare of Trump-generation automated surveillance. Nonetheless Anvil is designed for spend by the navy in prefer to border agencies, and it’s no longer certain if it’d be grand spend at the border. Consistent with the vertical angle of attack — which is necessary to the drone’s structure — it’s also hard to bid the system being very efficient in opposition to a human being.

Functionally, the ultimate peril is that Anvil will enjoy too grand damage with each and each impact, making it too pricey to work as a prolonged-term countermeasure. Nonetheless rogue quadcopters are a newly plausible threat for the navy, and there aren’t many solutions that don’t involve mountainous-scale jamming emplacements. If Anvil can originate a case that it’s the ultimate choice, it might per chance well per chance per chance originate grand more sense than the company’s border-imaginative and prescient plans.

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