Atari disputes reports that its retro-inspired console is doomed

Atari assign out a prolonged construction update for the Atari VCS console earlier this week, on the identical day that The Register reported that the mission is experiencing main difficulties. One provide with info of the mission reportedly described it as a “shit present,” and the console is reportedly shaping as much as be extra of a Linux PC than a devoted video games console.

Atari’s publish sought to stutter backers that the mission is continuing as planned. Amidst loads of photos of the console’s circuit boards and chassis, the firm claimed that the molds for the plastic housing of the console are “largely complete,” that its controllers and joysticks are “correct about sharp for mass production,” and that it expects to host fingers-on preview occasions for the console later this autumn.

The Register’s sage, nonetheless, paints an extraordinarily various image of the console’s construction. For starters, the console’s lead architect, Fetch Wyatt, has stop the mission and claimed that his beget consultancy hasn’t been paid in over six months. Wyatt’s Tin Monumental consultancy used to be employed to manufacture the console’s hardware and utility presently earlier than the console’s $3 million IndieGoGo marketing campaign came to a end in June closing year.

The sage goes on to exclaim that the so-called “console” will truly characteristic extra cherish a PC in a custom-chassis, and could well maybe crawl on a archaic Linux distribution after Atari’s executives refused to approve the near of a custom working machine. This is able to maybe additionally reportedly now not characteristic an app retailer, but one more general characteristic of most consoles. Atari’s publish appears to be like to in part disagree with this assessment, and mentions what it calls the machine’s “custom Atari working machine.” Then again, even Atari admits that the machine operates “extra cherish a laptop than an extraordinarily-purposeful game machine as we speak.”

The console additionally reportedly suffers from a myriad of alternative utility points. The Register claims that the console’s controllers could well maybe now not work repeatedly across video games, as you’d assign a query to a console controller to, and that the promised streaming apps will truly consist of net apps accessed thru a modified browser. The sage says that the console, that would retail for costs beginning at $250 in the US, is successfully correct a Steam Machine, a Linux PC designed for gaming.

Unsurprisingly, Atari disagreed with many of the claims made in The Register’s sage. ”Atari needs to picture you that a few of your questions dispute that you just own knowledge that is inaccurate and/or outdated,” a assertion given to The Register from Atari’s PR firm learn, “Besides to, some facets of the Atari VCS mission clearly had been leaked to you in violation of present confidentiality agreements, and Atari therefore hereby reserves its rights in that admire.”

Now we absorb contacted Atari to quiz when the promoting campaign’s backers, moreover to potentialities who absorb pre-ordered the console from GameStop and Walmart can assign a query to to select up their consoles, and we’ll update this portion with its response. For the time being it’s smartly rate reading The Register’s sage in its entirety for a tubby catalog of the points the console is reportedly dealing with.

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