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Google’s contemporary Pixelbook Walk is the final Chromebook for anybody that doesn’t occupy a colossal to blow on Google’s outdated Pixelbook. Its fantastic battery life and fantastic keyboard are accurate two of this Chromebook’s promoting functions, and it has only a pair of downsides for both average users and dedicated fans of Google and Chrome OS.


  • Fabulous battery life
  • Ultimate ‘Hush’ keyboard
  • Rare 1080p webcam
  • Horny produce

In opposition to

  • No biometric login
  • Iffy pricing at mid- to- high-end

Two minute analysis

If Google’s normal Pixelbook was – and soundless is – the final Chromebook in phrases of luxurious, then the contemporary Google Pixelbook Walk is the final Chromebook for the remaining of us. Featuring fantastic battery life and arguably essentially the most efficient pc keyboard we’ve ever used, the Pixelbook Walk brings quite loads to the table for its assign.

Certain, that assign is soundless out of differ for just a few alternative folk, and it doesn’t scale all that effectively by means of its mid-differ and high-end configurations, but it’s soundless critical more accessible than Google’s high-end Chromebook. Right here’s no doubt the kind of aspirational products for Google’s companions that’s de facto within survey of most peoples’ budgets, critical unlike Microsoft’s line of Floor products that encourage its companions but are rather inaccessibly priced as products of their personal beautiful.

Certain, we’d take dangle of to survey a pair of more functions at this level of pricing, particularly a biometric login option. But, you’re also getting some tech here that’s no longer even seen in Apple’s costliest laptops, namely a 1080p webcam. For all of this, the Google Pixelbook Walk has earned our “Editor’s Desire” award in the Chromebook category.

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Spec sheet

Right here is the Google Pixelbook Walk configuration despatched to TechRadar for analysis:

CPU: 1.3GHz Intel Core i5-8220Y (dual-core; 4MB cache; boost as a lot as three.9GHz)

Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 615 (300MHz)


Camouflage: 13.3-bound Tubby HD (1,920 x 1,080; 166 ppi) LCD touchscreen (16:9; 72% NTSC)

Storage: 128GB eMMC

Ports: 2 x USB-C 3.1 (charging and say out), 3.5mm headphone jack

Connectivity: Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac, 2×2 MIMO, dual-band); Bluetooth 4.2

Cameras: 1080p Duo Cam (2MP, 60 fps)

Weight: 2.3 kilos (1,061g)

Measurement: 12.2 x 8.1 x 0.5 inches (311 x 206.3 13.4mm; W x D x H)

Price and availability

Admittedly, Google is soundless inquiring for quite loads with its more inexpensive flagship Chromebook on the onset: $649 (£629, about AU$950) for 8GB of memory (RAM) and 64GB of storage with an 8th-generation Intel Core m3 processor (CPU) and Tubby HD (1080p) LCD touchscreen. Right here’s how the remaining of the pricing breaks down:

  • Intel Core i5 (8GB, 128GB) – $849/£829/about AU$1,250
  • Intel Core i5 (16GB, 128GB) – $999/£949/about AU$1,470
  • Intel Core i7 (16GB, 256GB, 4K) – $1,399/£1,329/about AU$2,050

As you can seek for, whereas the Pixelbook Walk is supposed to be a substitute for the Google Pixelbook simply, which is spellbinding to soundless be sold, the Walk can blueprint that better-end pc’s assign in actuality rapid as soon as you’re no longer cautious. This, in the kill, considerably defeats the level of the product’s positioning altogether. 

When you’re going to spend $999 on a Pixelbook Walk, you can as effectively gain the Pixelbook simply, with its sharper say, hybrid functions and stylus toughen. That acknowledged, you would be getting some functions in the Walk that accurate can’t be had in the Pixelbook, bask in a 1080p webcam and as a lot as 2 more hours of battery life.

On the opposite hand, it needs to be well-known that for accurate $50 more than the mid-differ Pixelbook Walk – when it’s on sale in the US – you can gain a 2019 MacBook Air with twice as critical storage, a sharper say, better Thunderbolt 3 ports and no longer to display conceal the final appeal to of a full macOS machine.

At the entry-level, there are some similar Chromebooks that beat Google’s Pixelbook Walk on assign, bask in the 14-bound Asus Chromebook Flip, which offers a full 2-in-1 abilities for $50 less in the US. Likewise, this project is almost similar with Samsung’s Chromebook Plus V2 at $599 in the US.

Regardless, in phrases of top class Chromebooks, the Pixelbook Walk is largely unmatched in the bid benefits and functions it offers, comparable to expansive long battery life, a 1080p webcam and no doubt one of essentially the most efficient keyboards we’ve ever used on a pc.

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For certain, the Pixelbook Walk is designed to be slim and light-weight, measuring accurate 0.5 inches skinny and weighing 2.3 kilos. The pc is supplied in accurate two colours: “Legal Dusky” and “Not Purple” – in every other case is known as murky and red. We would fancy one thing in between these two, per chance a white or straight anodized magnesium option, but alas.

As we acknowledged, this pc’s physique is product of a magnesium alloy painted in a matte texture that, coupled with the rippled irascible, is veritably more straightforward to grip and help whereas shifting between meetings or work spaces, as Google promises. We discover this physique to be very immune to stress and flex, which is uncommon in Chromebooks. And, boy, does Google gain spend of every final bound of that physique.

The Pixelbook Walk no longer most efficient touts a keyboard with comfortably spaced keys, but also high-firing audio system. Certain, they’re a bit shrimp and, which ability that, considerably tinny on the highs, but these audio system beat the overwhelming majority of laptops of this size, customarily found with bottom-firing audio system.

On the opposite hand, one ingredient that Google disregarded is biometric log-in skill: there may per chance be no longer any fingerprint sensor neither is there an iris or face scanner within the Pixelbook Walk. Eager in that many Chromebooks provide no longer no longer as a lot as no doubt the kind of alternatives at this assign level, it’s a sore space for decided. Google tells us that it’s relying on its Android phone unlocking perform, but that leaves out anybody no longer the usage of an Android phone.

But, again to positives, the Pixelbook Walk keyboard is by a long way no doubt one of essentially the most efficient we’ve ever used on a pc. Right here’s an development of Google’s “Hush” produce, which brings the corporate’s normal, restful Pixelbook keys to this more approachable assign level. We’d voice that this is essentially the most efficient combination of silence and forceful feedback that we’ve ever experienced on a pc keyboard.

On the opposite hand, you per chance wouldn’t know that the Pixelbook Walk keyboard is backlit with out reading this analysis. Pro tip: keeping the “Alt” key and then pressing the conceal brightness controls toggles the level of keyboard backlight brightness. It’s no longer a deal breaker, but this produce is no longer as a lot as intuitive, to voice the least, as this combination doesn’t manufacture one thing else for any varied key on the high perform row.

When it involves connectivity, the Pixelbook Walk has two USB-C 3.1 ports that may per chance well deal with both charging and say output, to boot to a 3.5mm headphone jack. Right here’s by no blueprint an mountainous port different, but it doesn’t in actuality would really like to be. With that acknowledged, the pc’s mid-differ and high-end configurations are with out grief outmatched by Thunderbolt 3 ports aplenty when having a stumble on at their assign-an identical opponents.

There may per chance be one downside when evaluating the Pixelbook Walk physique produce to its predecessor and opponents at similar prices: it’s no longer a 2-in-1 pc. This indubitably impacts the pc’s versatility, but individually, this editor doesn’t bask in convertible 2-in-1 laptops anyway. That makes us inquire why Google would come with a touchscreen in any appreciate, but that may per chance well per chance severely restrict the amount of Android apps the working machine (OS) may per chance well per chance toughen.

Now, let’s talk about the ingredient you’ll spend your entire time having a stumble on at: the say. Immediate of the very best-end configuration, the Pixelbook Walk makes spend of a 1080p touchscreen, which we salvage to train colours with the vibrancy and accuracy we predict from laptops within the high-end assign differ. On the opposite hand, we manufacture wish that Chrome OS may per chance well per chance render at native dedication with out scaling – essentially the most legible scaling produces an efficient 1,600 x 900 dedication, cheapening the affect of its 1080p standing considerably.

Regardless, we’d in actuality feel critical more assured editing photographs on this pc say than most varied Chromebooks. As for the 4K Molecular Demonstrate option, whereas we haven’t seen it in particular person, we salvage it to be fully pointless for a Chromebook.

Plus, above the say, the Pixelbook Walk functions a 1080p front-going by means of camera that records video at 60 frames per 2nd. Not even the 2019 MacBook Pro models provide this spellbinding of a webcam. Depending upon your connection, you’ll behold critical better than most varied other folk to your video meetings the usage of this pc.

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Being a Chromebook, you shouldn’t predict groundbreaking efficiency from the Pixelbook Walk, particularly with fanless Intel CPUs interior. While we can’t disclose for the entry-level mannequin’s Intel Core m3 efficiency, we can voice that the Core i5 Y-sequence is loads for general projects and even some light picture editing.


Right here’s how the Google Pixelbook Walk conducted in our suite of benchmark assessments:

JetStream 2: 86 (better is healthier)

Mozilla Kraken 1.1: 1,263ms (lower is healthier)

Geekbench 4 (Single-Core): 3,770; (Multi-Core): 6,516

TechRadar Battery take a look at: 11 hours and 14 minutes

The pc is no doubt ready to chase Android games and play again 1080p video accurate beautiful, but one thing else previous that can likely gain the machine chug. This works out effectively for Google, as its OS doesn’t in actuality toughen many in actuality annoying functions.

We found that, with 8GB of RAM, this Chromebook is a long way more ready to multi-job between a form of Google Chrome browser tabs – more than a dozen – with out having to reload them upon gaining access to them as a consequence of memory shortages. Most Chromebooks at this assign provide accurate 4GB of RAM to their detriment, as Google’s browser is terribly RAM dependent, even after updates.

Additionally, for its assign, the Pixelbook Walk’s Geekbench 4 numbers are usually no longer that critical worse than essentially the most up-to-date MacBook Air, no longer no longer as a lot as with the configurations we’ve tested. That’s quite an spectacular feat for a Chromebook – and, ironically, quite a feat for the MacBook Air.

In transient, any job we want to create to manufacture our jobs here at TechRadar will even be done on this Pixelbook Walk with out command. That doesn’t disclose for every person available, but we manufacture occupy a various and intense workload spanning just a few browser tabs and Android apps at any given time.

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Battery life

It’s even better that the Pixelbook Walk has some severely spectacular battery life. It took a whopping 11 hours and 14 minutes to chase the Chromebook down by means of our native video playback take a look at. The MacBook Air 2019 neglected that ticket by … an hour and 14 minutes.

This falls in actuality carefully in line with Google’s promised quantity – 12 hours on a cost – which is uncommon for nearly every pc in the marketplace. The very best varied laptops to contrivance that end to their marketed battery life figures are Apple’s, which is a testament to the benefits these firms abilities from tuning their personal hardware and strength in tandem.

Plus, the Pixelbook Walk can drum up two hours of battery cost from accurate 20 minutes connected to the outlet. This makes the pc almost unkillable in phrases of battery juice, an gigantic again for these that work from just a few places on daily foundation or bewitch their work with them on their shuttle.

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Tool and functions

One gigantic again of Chromebooks is that they on the entire all contrivance with squeaky-tidy installs of Chrome OS, and naturally the Pixelbook Walk is the cleanest of all of them. On the opposite hand, this also blueprint that this pc doesn’t in actuality provide one thing else in actuality weird and wonderful in phrases of tool or functions that is no longer already supplied by varied Chromebooks.

We manufacture fancy the inclusion of Google Assistant by means of explain or the keyboard, but again, this isn’t weird and wonderful compared with nearly every varied sleek Chromebook.

If there’s one thing else distinctive about this Chromebook in phrases of functions, we’d want to level again to its spellbinding, 1080p webcam. It’s a rarity on Chromebooks critical less a pair of of essentially the most costly laptops available.

That acknowledged, we predict that the Pixelbook Walk must occupy some gain of biometric login at this assign, bask in most varied laptops manufacture – Chromebook or no longer. It’s no longer sufficient to defend users occupy an Android phone to log into their pc with, particularly in the US the place iPhones are fully in every single place.

We’re in the kill satisfied to voice that, in 2019, there may per chance be terribly small about Chrome OS that keeps it from parity with Home windows 10 and macOS. Certain, it’s no longer a really manipulable machine bask in these are, but the overwhelming majority of users can gain accurate as critical done here as they’ll on these frail working systems.

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Put off it if…

You want an awesome Chromebook abilities

From its luxurious plot quality to an horny and entire tool abilities, you’re getting essentially the most efficient Chromebook available at this assign. And, now that Chrome OS is almost similar with the established working systems, you’re no longer missing out on that critical as a mean particular person.

You want no doubt one of essentially the most efficient pc keyboards ever

Seriously, the Pixelbook Walk has essentially the most spectacular combination of silence and feedback that we’ve ever heard or felt in a pc to this point. It’s if truth be told sufficient to gain this pc our on daily foundation machine with how delighted the keyboard is.

You desire a pc with an in actuality decent webcam

The reality that the Pixelbook Walk has a sharper webcam than even the 2019 MacBook Pro models is, effectively, insane. When you wish a pc with a mountainous webcam that doesn’t fracture the bank, curiously Google’s most up-to-date pc is a style to trudge – who would’ve thunk it?

Don’t settle it if…

You’re no longer into Chromebooks

When you fair don’t bask in what Chromebooks stand for or what they provide, then the Pixelbook Walk isn’t at possibility of alternate your mind. Certain, it’s doubtlessly the absolute most efficient Chromebook to place in front of a nonbeliever, but likelihood is slim that this may per chance well convert them.

You desire a powerhouse pc

While the Pixelbook Walk can deal with more than most Chromebooks in its class, as a consequence of no longer no longer as a lot as 8GB of RAM, it’s by no blueprint going to interchange, voice, a MacBook Pro. That’s no longer the level of this pc, so trudge alongside if uncooked computing energy is what you look.

You desire a really open OS

Google has introduced Chrome OS leaps and bounds forward compared with Home windows 10 and macOS, but it’s fundamentally nowhere attain as open. You soundless can’t manipulate files and functions in the same blueprint that these working systems can, which is understandably necessary to just a few alternative folk.

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