Apple’s HomePod update probably won’t brick your speaker now

Two days ago, we brought you the news that a new iOS 13.2 exchange to Apple’s HomePod would at closing be ready to uncover varied users’ voices aside. But that identical evening, the exchange disappeared — presumably as a result of varied reports that it was bricking HomePods. Fortunately, it looks there’s now a new iOS 13.2.1 exchange, rolling out now, that picks up where 13.2 left off.

As MacRumors notes, iOS 13.2.1 has the particular identical changelog, which implies the most efficient loyal alternate is a fix for the worm. It’d be good if Apple came out and said that, but likely the corporate’s hoping we’ll neglect there was ever a pain at all.

Consider that we don’t in actuality know if this exchange comes with a fix — it’s neutral highly now not going that Apple would resume updates if it hadn’t mounted the pain. We’re inserting in it on a HomePod neutral now, but that won’t be a definitive check both, since 13.2 didn’t brick any of our personal devices the major time round.

Whenever you’ve already bought a bricked HomePod, there are reports that Apple will exchange it, even out of warranty, whenever you contact Apple Enhance now.

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