Bosun Tijani talks strategy as CEO of Africa’s new largest tech hub

With CcHub‘s acquisition of iHub in September, Nigerian Bosun Tijani is at the helm of (arguably) the splendid tech network in Africa.

He’s now CEO of every organizations, including their vital membership rosters, startup incubation capabilities, international partnerships, and VC activities from Nigeria to Kenya .

One may perchance perchance seemingly discontinuance Tijani has change into one of essentially the most extremely efficient figures in African tech with the CcHub iHub merger. But that shall be a limited bit shortsighted.

The techie from Lagos quiet faces a range of challenges and unknowns in integrating two innovation hubs that lie 3,818 flight kilometers aside. Several sources speaking on background over the final 365 days bask in indicated iHub used to be experiencing monetary difficulties.

Tijani provided TechCrunch some preliminary details final month on how the acquisition will drop collectively.

But extra currently he shared elevated ingredient on his approach for working the multi-nation innovation network. A mammoth check for Tijani shall be aligning the organizations on a path to sustainability. The buzzword is regularly code for producing consistent working earnings beyond costs.

The expansion of innovation spaces, accelerators and incubators in Africa — which tally 618 per GSMA stats — is regularly lauded as an success for the continent’s tech ecosystem.

But debate on how these focal aspects for startup formation, practicing and IT exercise fund themselves is ever-most modern.

Grant earnings has served as a dominant income source for Africa’s tech hubs — including iHub in its early days — even supposing many bask in labored to diversify.

That involves CcHub, per Tijani, who plans to continue the pattern across the expanded CcHub, iHub organization.

“When of us focus on sustainability, we’ve been in enterprise for 9 years,” he notes of CcHub Nigeria.

“We de-emphasized grant funding six years ago; most of our income is in actuality earned income.”

On earnings sources Tijani looks to foster across every organizations, he named consulting services and products (for corporates, governments, and constructing agencies), events services and products, and producing elevated return on investment.

iHub has been animated with startup seed-investments and CcHub has a portfolio of corporations thru its Yell Capital Fund.

“Our size will change proper into a principal segment of us being ready to make investments in startups and the longer we halt invested the extra we can originate to seem principal returns and exits,” said Tijani.

The CcHub iHub nexus can even expend its size to leverage extra partnerships. Tijani and crew bask in already mastered gaining collaborations with mammoth African and international tech names, equivalent to MainOne and Facebook.

Tijani will look to connect iHub to CcHub’s Google backed Pitch Drive — which has carried out African startup excursions of Asia and Europe — and doubtlessly rob the present to the U.S.

“We’re talking about it,” Tijani said, of a U.S. pitch trek back and forth. And this may perchance occasionally perchance perchance additionally lead to a everlasting presence in San Francisco for the original CcHub, iHub entity.

“Beyond perfect a tour, we desire to bask in sturdy presence within the Bay Problem,” Tijani said, however didn’t provide extra specifics on what that would imply.

So on the checklist of things to emerge from the CcHub-iHub acquisition, African tech planting a mammoth flag in San Francisco is a future possibility.

A extra immediate consequence of the union between the innovation spaces shall be Bosun Tijani changing proper into a unprecedented arrangement on flights between Lagos and Nairobi.

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