Atomico Partner Tom Wehmeier reviews ‘The State of European Tech’ 2019 report

Atomico, the European enticing in capital company based by Skype’s Niklas Zennström, has released its most modern annual The Divulge of European Tech document, published in partnership with Slush and Orrick.

As fragment of the document, the authors surveyed 5,000 members of the ecosystem — together with 1,000 founders — as nicely as pulling in sturdy knowledge from diverse sources, reminiscent of Dealroom and the London Stock Alternate .

This 365 days, the document reveals that the European tech ecosystem continues to inclined and reveals no signal of slowing — in particular highlighting the inequity from five years ago when the The Divulge of European Tech document made its debut. Nearly each and each key indicator is up and to the lawful, with the exception of, rather depressingly, diversity.

The recordsdata reveals, to illustrate, that competition for expertise and procure entry to to the most productive founders has increased ferociously. And from a funding standpoint, European founders like more different than ever, in particular with U.S. and Asian VC firms investing increasingly more in the field. Progress with gender diversity stalled, however, reminiscent of 92% of funding going to all-male groups.

I caught up with the document’s creator Tom Wehmeier, Companion and Head of Insights at Atomico (moreover in most cases jokingly known as the “Mary Meeker of Europe”), where we focus on in additional relate just among the key findings and why, it seems, that the leisure of the field has at final woken as much as Europe’s tech seemingly.

But first, just a few headlines from the document:

  • European know-how firms are heading in the correct path to raise a document 30$B+ in funding in 2019, up from $25B the 365 days earlier than. (Provide: Dealroom)
  • Despite failing to compare the stage of enticing in-backed exits of 2018, there became once a document choice of 40 $100M-plus affords as of September 2019, a size that many European tech sceptics did now not judge became once imaginable. (Provide: Dealroom)
  • A range of multi-billion-dollar non-enticing in backed firms be pleased Nexi and Trainline made their debut on the final public markets.
  • European tech policymaking remains a thriller to many European founders.
  • When requested to describe the tip precedence of the European Commission in phrases of tech protection, 40% of founders and startup workers advise they don’t feel suggested ample to observation. (Provide: watch)
  • Despite this reported lack of information on protection disorders, all respondents voted EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager as the actual particular person that had the most influence on European tech in 2019, excellent or execrable. (Provide: watch)
  • European parliamentarians aren’t talking about fintech and digital nicely being, two sectors which merchants poured a mixed $12.7bn into final 365 days (Provide: Politico and Dealroom)
  • Europe’s diversity figures are serene grim studying.
  • In 2019, 92% of funding went to all-male groups, a a similar stage to 2018. (Provide: Dealroom)
  • There’s serene only one girl CTO in the 119 firms (<1%) in step with a pattern of executives in CxO positions at 251 European VC-backed tech firms that raised a Series A or B spherical between 1 October 2018 and 30 September 2019 with greater than $10M funding, even supposing 7.5% of instrument engineers are girls. (Provide: Stack Overflow, Craft, Dealroom)
  • Having a undercover agent beyond gender diversity, ethnic minorities in tech experienced discrimination at an excellent excessive price than white friends. (Provide: watch)
  • Now now not lower than 80% of Unlit/African/Caribbean respondents who reported experiencing discrimination linked it to their ethnicity. (Provide: watch)
  • 63% of girls VCs reported increased heart of attention on attending events with stronger participation from diverse founders. The corresponding number for men VCs became once only 33% of female respondents suggested that their male counterparts are leaving female VCs to fix Europe’s diversity scenario. (Provide: watch)
  • European founders aren’t staunch aiming for commercial success — they’re making an strive to unravel just among the field’s largest problems.
  • One in five European founders states that their company is already measuring its societal and/or environmental affect. (Provide: watch)
  • Most productive 14% of founders don’t judge it’s linked for their company. Founders that are girls are rather more seemingly to be evolved of their option to measuring affect. (Provide: watch)
  • Workers are inserting a increased emphasis on company social accountability, with 57% citing its importance in the Divulge of European Tech watch. (Provide: watch)

Further Crunch: It is some distance 5 years since Atomico published the key The Divulge of European Tech document, which in fact attempted to spend an data-driven snapshot of the total ecosystem. What are just among the ideal changes you’ve seen interior European tech in the intertwining years or in this 365 days in particular?

Tom Wehmeier: If I judge again to when we did the key document, those that judge that Europe would possibly perchance perchance in fact be an spell binding participant in international know-how, had been largely restricted to those that had been in the tech industry in Europe itself. If then you definately rapid forward to these days, what has clearly took place — and I judge 2019 became once the 365 days where this in fact materialized and grew to turn into fragment of the yarn — became once that belief translating from folk on the interior to a bunch of those that had been on the skin.

Most clearly has been the energy of hobby from from the U.S. and the choice of top-tier U.S. funds that must now not staunch increasing their stage of investment sigh but committing to spending increasingly more time here on the bottom, hiring folk, building groups, building a community, and attending to take cling of firms. I judge it presumably surprises folk to take cling of that 19% of all rounds this 365 days will bear on the least one U.S. investor in Europe, which is greater than double since since the key 365 days we did the document.

I judge the assorted thing, where I advance again to this thought that now we have at final convinced a clear group of folk about the feature that Europe can play, is mainstream institutional merchants. I mark it shouldn’t be always going to be misplaced on you, [but] this goes to be one more document 365 days for VC fund raising from Europe. And whereas the headline numbers would possibly perchance now not be a shock, I judge what must serene grasp folk’s attention is that the composition of the LP execrable here in Europe is now interesting. And at final, there’s an unlocking of institutional merchants, [by which] I indicate pension funds, funds of funds, insurance firms, sovereign wealth funds, who are committing to European VC at stages that are seriously increased and elevated from where they’d been in the previous. So, when you staunch spend pension funds, we’re going to undercover agent end to a billion greenbacks invested which is up virtually three fold.

It’s a validation of what’s going down around European tech to undercover agent that now coming thru and I judge is come what would possibly something that helps to manufacture a foundation for the next five years of success. As great as that is a document that’s taking a undercover agent again, it’s moreover about making an strive to mark where issues fling from here.

With regards to the pension funds, attain you judge that is driven by the final bullishness against European tech, or attain you judge it’s more the macro economic actuality that presumably diverse places where they’ll just gain their cash aren’t very excellent-making an strive on the 2nd?

I judge it’s in fact a reflection that there’s a salvage stage of belief that European enticing in as an asset class is an unprecedented investment different. And that’s reflected by the numbers. One among the charts that we’ve received in the document is from Cambridge Pals who attain the benchmarking for the VC indices… And when you happen to undercover agent again over a 1, 3, 5, and even a 10 365 days horizon, the performance from European VC is demonstrating that that is a field where for somebody building a diverse portfolio, they desire to serene like some allocation. I judge it’s mainly the energy of the investment different. That is the one ideal driver for why you’re seeing this happen.

I judge the ideal thing that Europe has been in a position to roar is that it would possibly perchance probably perchance spend a gigantic thought and turn it true into a gigantic company and that company can scale to now not staunch a billion dollar end result but to a multi-billion dollar end result and fling the total plan thru into an IPO or true into a gigantic scale acquisition. What you’ve seen happen in 2019 is in fragment A mirrored image of what took place final 365 days where it became once clearly this document 365 days with Spotify, Adyen, Farfetch, Elastic and others that undoubtedly showed that you would possibly perchance presumably fling fat cycle from delivery up the total option to carry out. And that the magnitude of those outcomes would possibly perchance moreover be at a scale that makes them globally linked.

Are the pension funds interesting their allocation of VC some distance off from diverse geographies or are they staunch doing more VC as a total?

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