Kubernetes gets a bug bounty program

The Cloud Native Computing Basis (CNCF) on the present time announced its first worm bounty program for Kubernetes, the ubiquitous container orchestration system on the starting place built by Google. To skedaddle this program, the CNCF is partnering with Google and HackerOne and bounties will fluctuate from $100 to $10,000.

Kubernetes already has a Product Security Committee that involves engineers from Google’s dangle Kubernetes security crew, and there are obviously loads of eyes on the code. A bounty program, nonetheless, will pick up more (and unique) security researchers to head looking the code and help reward folk which are already doing this work.

“Kubernetes already has a sturdy security crew and response activity, extra cemented by the contemporary Kubernetes security audit,” acknowledged Maya Kaczorowski the product supervisor for container security at Google. “We luxuriate in got a stronger and safer launch-source mission than we’ve ever had sooner than. By launching a worm bounty program, we’re striking our money where our mouth is — and most importantly, rewarding the researchers already doing this main work. We hope to attract extra security researchers to make a choice up more eyes on the code, shakeout security bugs and help up our work on Kubernetes security with monetary give a enhance to.”

The bounty involves all the core Kubernetes substances in its GitHub repository. Namely, the crew notes, it is in authentication bugs, doable privilege escalations and distant code execution bugs within the kubelet and API server. The CNCF also stresses that researchers are encouraged to look at on the overall Kubernetes supply chain. Yow will stumble on the explicit particulars of how the program and rewards are structured here.

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